I think about products every day.

I care about “untechnology,” building things that take humans out of the loop so they can live happy and healthy.

I focus on practicality and application whilst valuing theory to prove points.

I specialize in full stack application architecture and prioritize product UI/UX. I love data science infrastructure, IOT, and cyber security.

I’ve worked on human layer email security with ML and graphs, a smart target for shooting ranges, motion tracking for wearable devices, and a data analytics platform.

I have deep roots in the entrepreneurial communities of Chicago, SF, and Champaign. I’m a YCombinator alumni (W17) and I started the entrepreneurship organization Founders @ UIUC. I was also a student fellow for Chicago Ventures.

I received my BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Fun fact: I love to dance.

Interested in hiring me? I do consulting. Email me at me@ericmills.io.